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Would YOU Apply for the World’s Toughest Job?

Motherhood really is a tough job. One thing I think the makers of this video got wrong, however, is the compensation. Mother’s may not be compensated with cash, but what they are given in return for their efforts is so much more wonderful. Every day when I look down in my son’s eyes, I feel that I am extraordinarily blessed to have such a wonderful job–even if the client is a bit fussy.


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  1. This is great! I cried my eyes out…in a good way :). I have a wonderful mom. And I LOVE being a mom myself. But darn right, it ain’t easy. And sometimes it feels like nobody knows and cares what you do..and just HOW much of your whole soul you give! I know other folks work hard too. I know many feel unappreciated. I hope we all do our part to appreciate the work of others, no matter what it is they do.

    And thanks for posting this here. I will share THIS link and not the YouTube one because the comments were full of ugliness. Geeeshh.



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