This Animated Short Teaches A PROFOUND Truth…

One upon a time, there was a traveling salesman that went from town to town selling anything you could possibly want…

Some time ago, a friend of mine showed me this humorous and clever animated short. Although I really liked the animation style, I was more impressed by the “hidden” message. For a video without any words, it’s full of meaning…

Watch the video, and consider what the hidden message might be…

I’m struck by how the townspeople were willing give up what was truly valuable in exchange for what was truly worthless. I’ve realized that I have been trading time (one the most valuable things that any of us possess) to do things and get things that bring no lasting joy or happiness.

But what about you? What do you think the “smoke” could represent? I would love to read your insights in the comments below!



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  1. That was a very interesting short video – thank you for sharing. The smoke to me represents the illusion of masks I often wear to hide or shield my true self. Most often worn for me is the mask of humor (or it’s twin of happiness) – when I laugh, make others laugh, and portray the illusion that all is bright – I can for a moment in time hide (even briefly from myself) the reality which lies beneath… depression and loneliness.


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